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What if you were told that a group of Hospital supporters agreed to work to build and fund a new, state-of-the-art medical centre to provide easier access to integrated health care across multiple professions for all the residents of West Northumberland?

What if you were told that this new medical centre was exactly what was needed to attract several new doctors to our community to fill the void from the 4-5 family doctors who plan to retire in this area in the next few years?

What if you were told that the location of this new facility was adjacent to our community hospital so as to encourage physicians to support the hospital through work in the emergency department, and caring for their patients who are admitted to hospital?

What if you were told that the construction of this new facility would create 75 person years of construction employment and pump over $10 million into the local economy in 2016?

What if you were told that this new medical centre would generate close to $200K annually in new property tax revenues for the Town of Cobourg?

What if you were told that this new facility would generate a new revenue stream to support hospital programs with up to $100K per year in the first 5- 10 years?

And then What if you were told that this revenue stream would grow to exceed $ 500K per year to help purchase needed medical equipment as the mortgage is paid off?

All of this, at no direct cost to the province or the local community.

What would you say about all of the above?

Would you ask; Is this for real?

Well, all of the things listed above are exactly what the new Northumberland Medical Arts Centre is planning to achieve… Each and every one of these things!

And they will come about through the efforts of committed volunteers and community minded people who are willing and able to pledge to provide financial loans for the required down payment, and the ongoing support of the citizens of the community.

Do you want to help? Learn the facts about the project, and send us an email from the contact us page to let us know how you want to help.                                  



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