The Northumberland Medical Arts Centre (NMAC) will offer the opportunity for healthcare providers to work together under one roof to deliver primary care in West Northumberland. Its close proximity to the Northumberland Hills Hospital (NHH) will help to facilitate coordinated care with NHH and promote better interactions between the hospital and the healthcare professionals at the NMAC.

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About the Northumberland Medical Arts Centre

The proposed Northumberland Medical Arts Centre (NMAC) will offer the citizens of West Northumberland:

  • Concentrated health services, including primary care and specialty care;
  • An up-to-date and attractive work environment that will help to draw new physicians and health care professionals to the area;
  • Proximity to the hospital for primary care physicians leading to greater likelihood they will retain hospital privileges and be available to care for their patients when hospitalized; and
  • A critical new long-term revenue source for NHH, which will assist in maintaining and expanding hospital services in our community.

The main tenant of the NMAC will be the Northumberland Family Health Team (NFHT). The NFHT currently includes 21 family physicians and a group of 17 allied health care professionals (nurse practitioners, registered nurses, dietitians, an occupational therapist, a physiotherapist, a respiratory therapist, a chiropodist, a social worker, a mental health clinician, a pharmacist, and a health educator) along with their support and management team. For the first time, the NFHT will have the opportunity to be located under one roof, and in close proximity to NHH. This co-location will allow for more effective and frequent interactions between the physicians, integrated health professionals, NHH and most importantly, the patients and their caregivers.

The NFHT is currently located in four distinct locations. The family physicians are located in the Cobourg Clinic on University Ave, the Cobourg Medical Centre on Burnham Street, and the Cobourg Health Centre on King Street East, while the allied health care professionals  rent space in Northumberland Mall.

Other tenants of the NMAC include a small pharmacy/dispensary, laboratory, dental clinic, audiology clinic, a physiotherapy clinic and offices earmarked for acupuncture and midwife services.

The NMAC has been designed to address two of the major challenges that we face in providing quality healthcare to our aging population in West Northumberland.

Physician Retirements

The community is anticipating many physician retirements in the near future. Thirty percent of family physicians in Cobourg are currently over the age of 60, and fifty-five percent are over the age of 55. These impending retirements will impact how healthcare will be provided to thousands of our West Northumberland residents.

Many of the retiring physicians have large practices and it may require the recruitment of more than one physician to take over care of their aging patients. The lack of adequate medical office space within the existing practices in Cobourg has been a barrier to physician recruitment in the past. The NMAC will have sufficient office space to allow for the recruitment of the appropriate number of physicians to take over existing practices and to meet the needs of local residents into the future.

Changing Expectations of New Medical Graduates

Recent and current medical school graduates seek group practices where they can work alongside other physicians and medical practitioners. This is how medical students are being trained in medical school and they are no longer interested in starting practice as a solo practitioner. Being in a group practice within an office that has already been established has emerged as a top priority for new recruits. The NMAC will allow for a group practice model in an office environment that is attractive to new medical practitioners.

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